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Reynolds Community College Catalog 2022-2023 
Reynolds Community College Catalog 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Architectural and Engineering Technology AAS


Contemporary Technology for Design  

Building Construction Management  

PURPOSE: The Architectural and Engineering Technology degree is designed to develop qualified technicians for the field of engineering. The technician serves as an important link between the engineering professional and the skilled trades person in the design, construction, and operation of engineering projects.

OCCUPATIONAL OBJECTIVES: This program will provide graduates with the skills and specialized knowledge for employment as highly-trained architectural drafts persons; managers for the construction industry; technicians for construction projects, such as highway, bridge, dam, commercial, and residential construction; and other related occupations in a highly active industry. Employment opportunities are numerous from the planning stage through project completion and inspection in the following areas: construction industry in private enterprise, government-related business, consulting, and other engineering-related activities.

ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS: General college curricular admission

PROGRAM NOTES: In addition to general college admission, applicants shall have (1) completed placement testing and (2) met with their advisor to establish a planned course of study prior to being allowed to register for courses. Satisfactory completion of the following high school units or their equivalent, at a minimum, is strongly recommended: four units of English, one unit of laboratory science (preferably physical science), one unit of social studies, and two units of mathematics (one unit of algebra and one unit of geometry).

COMPUTER COMPETENCY REQUIREMENT: Students in this program will meet the Reynolds computer competency requirement by successfully completing CSC 155  or ITE 152 . Students can also meet this requirement by passing the Reynolds computer competency exam, administered in the testing centers on each campus, in which case they will receive college credit for CSC 155  or ITE 152 . Students not passing the computer competency exam may retake the exam only once.